About Major Indies

Major Indies -Majorly Independent

Major Indies is an online subscription resource that is updated weekly with submission opportunities to labels & publishers that accept submissions from artists directly. Also provided are resources for independent artists and labels looking for active submission opportunities related to publishing, sync licensing, legitimate fan growth on platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify DSPs, digital marketing, managers and social media growth. Perhaps you are looking to have a press release distributed to major media outlets by a reputable company like mediacoverage.com. Digital marketing tools, merchandise providers, and vendors across various sectors of the music industry are provided within the paid subscriber area.

Outside of these resources, subscribers to the Major Indies email list will receive free informative value-packed messages about industry news that impact unsigned and independent recording artists. The email messages will serve as “inbox education” about various aspects of the business, supplemental ways to generate revenue, and information about growth hacks and tools.

Major Indies looks to address the pain points and challenges of the 97% of the independent acts, producers, and songwriters, not represented by the major record labels. Major Indies will serve as an integral part of any successful strategy for those looking to better develop and monetize their music career.